Ali Al-Maqtari

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Naeem Mohaiemen is a writer and artist interested in failed utopia projects.

Ibrahim Quraishi is artistic director of Compagnie Faim de Siecle.

Donna Golden is a Brooklyn-based video artist and experimental animator.

Uzma Rizvi is an archaeologist and teaches at Pratt Institute.

Aimara Lin is the former national coordinator of Not In Our Name and now training to be a lawyer.

Anandaroop Roy is an information designer and cartographer.

Jee-Yun Ha is a Los Angeles based sculptor and installation artist.

Kristofer Dan-Bergman (KDB) is a Swedish born New York residing photographer.

Sehban Zaidi is a filmmaker and soccer player.

Vivek Bald is a filmmaker and pioneering Asian underground DJ.

Aziz Huq clerked for Justice Ginsburg in US Supreme Court.

Anjali Malhotra is a New York based filmmaker and video editor.

Sarah Olson is a San Francisco based independent radio producer and media activist.

Thanks to

Toure Folkes

Micheline Brown

Jaishri Abhichandani

3rd I New York

Konrad Adenauer

Fariba Alam

Araby Carlier

Adem Carroll (ICNA)

Nancy Chang (CCR)

Sharin Chiorazzo

Roopa Chowdhury

Will Coley (American Friends)

BB Enriquez

Samina Faheem (A Muslim Voice)

Tarah Feinberg

Ellen Friedman (Safe Horizons)

Jane G. (CHRI)

Mariam Ghani

Warrington Hudlin (DV Republic)

Saleem Jaffar

Alex Khalil

Subhash Kateel (Families For Freedom)

Winni & Kenny (Great Star Multimedia)

Maria LaHood (CCR)

Ron Kiley

Usman Haque

Prerana Reddy

Amy Heuer (Not In Our Name)

Sin Yen Ling (AALDEF)

Vikas Malhotra

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Jawad Metni

Ruchika Mucchala

Christopher Myers

Manizha Naderi (Women for Afghan Women)

Robina Niaz

Prachi Patankar

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Andrew Price (Arab American Families for Freedom)

Hassan Raza (ICNA)

Mohammed Razvi (COPO)

Pia Sawhney (Out of Status)

Mitch Schultz (Rainbow Media)

Maya Sen

Andy Shultz

John Sikes (Sirk Productions)

Jagjit Singh (COPO)

Theresa Thanjan (Whose Children are These?)