Uzi Bohadana


Faded Voices

In this series of interviews, you can hear detainees and their family members talk about their experiences. These interviews form part of the DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA installation, which is currently on view (February 27–June 5, 2005) at the Queens Museum of Art.

Farouk Abdel-Muhti. Palestinian; detained 26 April 2002–12 April 2004; released after international campaign; died of heart attack from complications created by term in jail, 21 July 2004. (4'16")

Maher Arar. Canadian citizen from Syria; arrested at JFK on 26 Sept 2002, flown to Syria to be tortured under "extraordinary rendition;" tortured for 10 months and released on 5 October 2003. (2'12")

Michele Swensen. Yemeni-born husband Ashraf al-Jailani detained 23 October 2002; charged with having ties to Al Queda but three separate judges found him innocent; while detained three US-born children put in foster care and wife forcibly hospitalized for depression. (4'47")

Patricia David. Husband Gerald David deported to Pakistan in 2002, on a secret flight with 130 other men. (4'18")

"Shah" (full name withheld): Afghan; shortly after September 11th, Shah was pulled over and humiliated by police in rural California. (3'54")

Gassam Kalaf. Palestinian; after an alleged tip, FBI raided Kalaf's dentist office and accused him of being a suicide bomber. (3'29")